From the first page, it’s clear that Dion has extensively researched the plot, delving deep into Cuban history and culture.
Fidel Castro once said, “Men do not shape destiny. Destiny produces the man for the hour.”
It’s a powerful idea that ordinary men can sometimes step out of everyday life to do something for the greater good. This idea is the centerpiece of Gerard Dion’s latest novel, Cuba Unchained.


In Gerard Dion’s debut political thriller, an ambitious businessman takes it upon himself to fix relations between the United States and Cuba. After growing restless in his retirement, successful businessman and former Marine Corp captain Nickolas Harvey sets out to realize what he refers to as his “Signature Event,” an ambitious project he hopes will be his legacy.

Cuba Unchained, a debut thriller by former Marine Gerard Dion, features an intellectual action hero

à la James Bond who is working to “free the Cuban people”

through his charitable organization, Americans for Reconciliation with Cuba. The recent opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba spin-off stories a fast-paced thriller.