Gerard Dion is a self-employed marketing executive with an extensive background in the automotive industry. Dion writes in a fast moving cinematic style, in his debut novel, Cuba Unchained, introducing a new, exciting character to the political thriller genre.​​

Featured Author: Gerard Dion

CUBA Unchained   — A Novel — 

​Gerard Dion’s debut novel introduces Nickolas Harvey, an unconventional citizen diplomat, in efforts to collapse the last ‘Cold War’ relic, the U.S.-Cuban relationship and associated embargo. This fictional inside story behind today’s current events.
Nickolas Harvey is a wealthy defense industrialist, a U.S. Marine officer and man of the world. He gathers close associates and old friends from his experiences to plan a new organization called Americans For Reconciliation With Cuba (ARC), Investing lot of time and money into achieving the goals of ARC, he quickly realizes that those for and against U.S.-Cuban normalization are well organized, entrenched and are willing and capable of doing anything, including mayhem and assassination to maintain the status quo.

As Nickolas Launches his strategic plan and his efforts become common knowledge, various forces marshal legal and illegal resources into a battle over a democratic Cuban from the heartland of America to Washington D.C., New York City, Miami, Key West, and Havana on land air and sea.

Cuba Unchained:

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